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AZA Feed Dispensers

The TDM feed dispenser is the result of more than 30 years of experience with feeding in gestation and farrowing units. The feed dispenser is made in a very high quality plastic. The dispenser is shock proof and transparent, which makes it easy to control the feed amount with the easy to see adjustment scale. With the stainless adjustment tape, it is easy to regulate the feed amount, both when the dispenser is full of feed and when it is empty. This means a substantial reduction in the every day work.

The transparent dispenser and the outflow have been molded with great precision, which means minimal dust release.

The solid dosing tape enables easy adjust of each feed dispenser separately

The opening cable can be removed from each feed dispenser, which is extremely convenient, as feeding this way and be avoided after the feed dispensers have been filled. The TDM feed dispenser is also available with a cleaning hatch, making it easier to disinfect each feed dispenser

Floor feeding Feeder
The Floor feeding Feeder from AZA is made of profiled steel sheet, which ensures a strong construction. The feed amount can easily be adjusted with the two adjustment handles (2x12 steps). Due to the low construction, it can be installed even in barns with a low ceiling.
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