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AZA Feeding System

AZA International was founded in the late 1950’es in Italy. The company rapidly specialized in transport systems for animal feed – dry feed, industrial aggregates and feed

The base for their system was the unique, patented system consisting of a steel wire with moulded plastic discs. The steel wire, which runs through a feed pipe, carries the material between the disks quickly, silently and smoothly.

Since the beginning AZA International have developed and refined the transport system and today the company is among the world leaders of manufactures of automatic feeding systems for pig producers. The development of the unique system, together with the simple and user friendly design, has led to that the AZA name today is synonymous with very high quality and guarantee for delivery of systems, which will match any need or requirement.

No matter the need for automation and capacity, AZA International is able to deliver a good solution.
In Denmark alone approximately half of all swine producers using dry feeding, are equipped with a system from AZA International.

Vissing Agro is proud to be the importer and sole distributor for AZA International in Scandinavia.

AZA International
AZA International has through the years developed and refined their products. This has led to that the products today appear as a complete feeding system, with the possibility to combine individual parts, so any request and need can be met.

With many combination possibilities, we can solve the most complicated tasks and with that deliver a feeding system, which meets even the highest demands. The AZA system is built around the genius conveying wire and chain. These are pulled by one or several drive units with the possibility to connect a feed pipe up to Ø 90 mm.
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