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AZA Loading Hopper

Even within the loading hopper, AZA International can offer numerous reliable solutions.

The CSA-series is extremely reliable. From the inlet hopper the feed is lead with a strong auger over the rotation filter to the conveyor pipe. This system secures an even distribution of the feed and prevents at the same time, foreign items to enter the system. The correlation between the speed of the conveying auger and the feed wire prevents any over or under filling of the feed pipes. The auger is available for both pellets and flour.

The CSA-series is available for both 1 and 2 conveyors feed lines for both 38 and 48 mm feed pipe. The CSA-series is being pulled by the feed chain or the feed wire depending on the system.

The CSM-series is identical to the CSA-series except that the CSM-series has its own operation engine.

The CSM-series is also delivered for a single or a double feed line and available in 38, 48 and 60 mm feed pipes.

The Spiraza loading hopper is available both as an end terminal and as a trough-put model and is has the options 48, 60, 75 and 90 mm feed pipe. The Spiraza series is available as a trough-put model in all versions.

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