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AZA Drive Units

AZA International has several options for drive units. The most sold is the DUBLO-series, which is shown here. DUBLO can be delivered both as a vertical and a horizontal model and is also available in a single and double model. The DUBLO-series is ideal for long and complex lops and is available in 38, 48, and 60mm feed pipes. The cabinets are made of stainless steel and security measures meets CE-standard.

The DUBLO-series is available for chain, steel wire or flex auger, depending on the need and the complexity of the system.

Drive unit for flex auger
The SPIRAZA-series for flex auger is a special unit for high quality. The SPIRAZA-series is available in different designs, which at all times meets the CE-standard for security level. AZA’s flex auger is available in feed pipe size from 48 mm up to 90 mm.

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