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Confine Box

The Vissing Agro confine box guarantees enough space for the service people , to allow a good insemination of the sow.
The saloon door gives a good access for the sow and as well for the service people , when the door is closed.
You can get the box in a L or XL version It’s possible to combine the box with a stainless steel or polymer trough.
The box is galvanized with a solid foot bracket and fixing material from stainless steel to guarantee a long durability.


• Height 100 cm
• Width 55 -70 cm
• Length incl. trough type L 240 cm
• Length incl. trough type XL 250 cm
• Water supply with 1 stainless steel pipe and nipple for 2 sows
• Prepared for a stainless steel trough
• Galvanized
• Floor fixing with stainless steel bolts


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