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Around four weeks in the sows or guilts pregnancy, the animals are moved to the gestation stage. Here the sows will stay for up to 5 days until they are expected to farrow. This means that the sows here will stay about 115 days, which is the length of a sows pregnancy.

Farrowing Stables is mostly working with free concepts, which is a requirement for the reproduction of pigs nowadays. Solvency concepts are a way to stall the sows in larger groups, rather than single stalling. The stable is usually furnished with a trough per sow or an automatic feeding system for the animals. In the Solvency system, the sows must have 1.3 m2 per sow and the guilts 0,95 m2.

We have taken the sows needs into account throughout the production phases. Be sure to have met Danish standards and legal requirements in our pens and concepts within the gestation period.
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