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Pen, Farrowing

The Vissing Agro farrowing crate is designed to give the sow and the piglets enough space during the whole lactating period.

The wings with the bended fingers are supporting on the whole back and give the piglets a good access to the sow

The penning is made from light plastic board profiles and together with the special brackets for the rear plate it’s easy to protect the cleaning gap during the birth period.
The creep nest is protecting the piglets and is creating a good microclimate.


• Length of the pen 250 -280 cm
• Width of the pen 160 -180 cm
• Height of the pen 50 cm
• Length of the crate excl. trough 210 cm
• Long, special designed fingers
• Crush bar
• Minimum distance between the crate sides incl. crush. bars 37 cm
• Maximum distance between the wings 115 cm
• Water supply in stainless steel
• Water supply for the piglets integrated in the pvc panels
• Trough in stainless steel with 21 l. volume


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