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Two-Climate Pen

The penning for a two climate pen is 75 cm high. The pen is designed with a rest area and activity area to give you a good environment for a excellent daily gain.
The penning has a plane surface and cleaning is easy.
A full wide door with plastic profiles or a short door with stainless steel is in the program
Between the pens you can have grill from stainless steel or galvanized
The lid is a complete unit with a joint from galvanized steel or rubber.
The central opening is running manual or with a motor.
The system is adaptable to all kinds of barns.


• Height 75 cm
• Plastic board profile 35 mm
• Door profile in plastic or stainless steel
• Grill in stainless steel or galvanized.
• Feeder or liquid feeding wall integrated
• Cover in water proofed plates
• Opening manual or automatic
• Water supply with bowl or nipple
• Central water supply with plastic tubes
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